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  1. How do I apply?

    Please click here to apply through our fully secure online form.

  2. Can we come as a group?

    Yes you can, but please be aware that you may not be together in your teams/accommodation.

  3. How much does it cost?

    £60+vat per individual is all you will need to pay for 5 full days at the Festival. The Knowledge to Action Foundation raises funds to cover the rest of the cost per person, which amounts to approximately £400.

  4. Who is going to be there?

    13-17 year olds x 2000 – mixture of ages, genders and backgrounds as well as 400 Youth Coaches – who lead the teams, run the activities and work 1 on 1 with you to support you through the week and reinforce what you have learnt. Youth coaches are generally aged 18-25. We will also have staff/volunteers of around 100 people. Ratio of supervising adults to our young leaders, 1 to 5.

  5. Do we need an adult to accompany us?

    They can accompany you to the site and drop off, but we have got more than adequate supervision at the festival. If your accompanying adult would like to stay and support the event, they will need to pay £400+VAT to cover the cost of their accommodation and food for the week unless they are accompanying someone who has special needs and requires a carer to be on site.

  6. What will happen each day?

    We will have an inspirational speaker or two offering the ‘lesson of the day’ in the morning, followed by lunch and then activities/workshops for the rest of the afternoon reinforcing what they learnt about that morning. Then there will be another speaker/entertainment or something fun in the evenings before bed.

  7. What is included?

    All meals, a leadership goody bag, tent and roll mat to sleep on (sleeping bag not provided), all activities and entertainment for the week.

  8. What kind of food is provided?

    Breakfast will have a few options, cereals, toast and something hot, lunch is a packed lunch – sandwiches, etc, and dinner is a full hot meal. Fruit snacks will be available as well as a tuck shop to buy other bits if you want it. Food will be substantial and nutritious. No food or drink is allowed to be brought on site for safety reasons.

  9. Do I need to bring anything?

    Sleeping Bag, a little bit of pocket money if you want but not essential, lots of layers – prepare for all weather, sunscreen and a couple of sensible pairs of shoes.

  10. What activities are taking place?

    Who are the speakers? – Our Speakers are an exciting group of Adventurers, Athletes and Entrepreneurs – passionate about their fields, they have each become highly successful and recognised around the world for their achievements. To name a few – Neil Laughton – Ex SAS, Founder of FTSE 100 Company and adventurer, Greg Secker – Personal Development Guru and Master Trader (Founder of the Knowledge to Action Foundation) and Tammy Kling – Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of the Homeless Writers Project helping homeless people get back on their feet by writing their own books. The activities that will take place throughout the afternoons are mostly team based games outdoors, but we do have a few interesting things up our sleeves that you will need to come along to the festival to find out about!

  11. Do you only accept young people with behavioural difficulties or difficult backgrounds?

    No, we want to encourage a wide variety of young people to come to this event as it helps everyone understand they are not alone in their struggles and promotes a better uptake in the lessons of the week.

  12. Who are you?

    We are the Knowledge to Action Foundation – registered in 2011 (charity number 1140395). We have run a Youth Leadership Summit for 3 years for 150-200 young people each time and have seen great success. We are looking to create a movement by offering our leadership programming to thousands, not hundreds of young people each year with the intention to grow and grow year on year and eventually re-motivate and inspire an entire generation!

  13. How do you raise your money?

    Through our Tradeathon events, our event sponsors – ETX Capital, and private donors.

  14. How much of the money you raise goes towards your programming?

    80-90p of every £1, the remaining amount provides the resources needed to run this event and our other projects.

  15. How do I make a donation?

    Thank you for wanting to make a donation, all our fundraising efforts go into projects like the Young Leaders Festival so we are registered on Virgin Money Giving.

  16. What safety precautions are in place?

    We have a safety manager, who will be overseeing the safety of everyone on site through extensive planning, and seeking the advice of local authorities. Safety is our number 1 priority. Fencing will separate boys and girls and secure them safely in an enclosed area at night with security staff manning the exterior fences and the entrance to the site. All activities will be undertaken by trained individuals during the day. First aid will be on site 24 hours a day and event staff keeping track of any issues/emergencies 24 hours a day.  No general public will have access to our event site. Everybody who arrives on site will be checked for any weapons/alcohol or dangerous substances on entry, anything unsuitable will be confiscated. Any specific questions? Feel free to call us on 0203 598 1120.

  17. How do I find out some more information?

    Please give us a call on 0203 598 1120 or e-mail ylf@knowledgetoactionfoundation.com.